I'm the founder of Ready to Evolve Coaching where we believe you are worthy of your deepest dreams and desires.

I'm also a story shifting, energy aligning, intuitive coach, bestselling author and Soul Leader. I'm here to celebrate and honor the Real You. To help you reconnect with those parts of you that you might have put to the side, put on hold, or even buried for decades. I'm on a mission to help you remember and reclaim your true essence so that you can connect to your joy, your self-worth and your soul's purpose.

Relax. This is a Judgement Free Zone...

You're in the right place if you've had a nagging feeling for a short while or possibly all your life that...

You’re a serial people pleaser (and it’s utterly exhausting)

You bend over backwards to make sure everyone around you has their needs met. You're always Responsible. The one others can count on. Sometimes you have to put on an act to get through the day. Sometimes people call you a Control Freak but that's because you're the one holding everything together for everyone else! Right?!

You’re a pro at putting yourself LAST

Vacation? Time off? A good night's sleep? What's that? Because you're always putting the needs of others first, that means self-care is a foreign concept. You always say you're "fine" but honestly, you're anything but. You're smiling on the outside, but slowly withering away on the inside. But this makes you a good person, right? You're "self-less" not "selfish".

You never feel fully seen or heard, but you’re not bitter about it (much)

Yes, you provide a shoulder to cry on and you're the one everyone comes to in times of need. But the same people rarely ask you how you're doing. And because you were taught to be seen and not heard, you're not able to ask for what you need. Also, because you're putting on that brave face, it can feel impossible to be vulnerable and real or to ask for help.

You’ve done all the “right” things...so why aren't you happy?

You got the good grades, won the awards, put others first, sacrificed your dreams, bought the best gifts for everyone else, got promoted at work, built the successful non-profit or business, volunteered for causes you care deeply about, landed in a wonderful relationship and home. So why are you still unhappy, uneasy, and disappointed?

The most powerful transformational tool you have at your disposal right now is your own insatiable curiosity.”

Listen...I've been there!

Believe me, I'm not judging you! Ask me how I know how it feels to be you. I've walked in your shoes...

That's me trying desperately to hide in that group shot. This photo was taken during a high ticket mastermind event shortly before I broke down sobbing in front of the entire group, much to the dismay of everyone in the room. 

Not only was I terrified and felt like a fraud the entire time, but during my "hot seat" it came out that, even though I was happily married, I felt shunned and rejected by my step kids which caused me to question my self-worth. Even with a successful business, I felt like a failure and was unable to ask for help.

I put on a brave front and tried to portray myself as happy and successful, but just a simple show of compassion from one attendee was enough to break me down into a blubbering mess. This basically sums up much of my life.

today, I'm finally able to embrace who I am...

I believe we're all here to learn and grow and that our life experiences prepare us for the real work we're meant to do. I have spent a lifetime serving others as a wellness professional for more than 25 years and a life and business coach for nearly 20. And I'm so happy to say that I've witnessed a TON of unbelievable transformation over the years. I've worked with individuals and groups and I've helped people overcome their own challenges and blocks. But I always neglected my own. 

I was always too afraid to be myself, because I was afraid I wasn't good enough. At the end of the day, I didn't feel worthy of having joy or wealth or love. But believe me, those were things I secretly yearned for!

It wasn't until I finally decided to take care of myself, that I began to truly open my heart, align with my soul, and have the courage to be the Real Me. 

Because of my own personal transformation, I'm now able to shine an even bigger light to lead the way for others. This is the greatest gift of all!

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