Why is it often so hard to stay true to yourself?

We each have our own path to walk which is the most beautiful gift in the world. The problem is, we’ve been trained to believe that there is a “right” and “best” way to approach life and that success looks and feels a certain way. There is a mythical measuring stick that judges all equally hanging over our heads from day one.

And that is simply not true, Dear One. It’s one of the many great illusions of our time.

You have your own unique path. The challenge is staying on track without getting lured down anyone else’s path.

Can you stay true to yourself?

There are those who will call you selfish for following your heart. Perhaps this is meant as a way to keep you safe. Perhaps it’s meant as a protest from those who have not had the courage to walk their own path in life.

But their own motivation is unimportant. Release attachment to seeking meaning in that direction because being selfish (if that’s what you want to call it) in this way is the biggest gift you can give to yourself and to the world.

Pull up a chair and communicate with your heart. Listen to the whispers, the inklings, the nudges and use those knowings as your compass.

This can take great COURAGE, especially after what feels like a lifetime of doing the complete opposite…of running as fast and as far away from your dreams and desires as possible. It’s OK. This turning away happens to all and will likely happen again.

But none of that matters in this moment.

First take one step. And then another. Pause and breathe. Notice where you are. Notice what you feel. Notice WHO you are.

You are safe. Take another step.

Over time it gets easier to trust yourself, to check in with your heart, to follow your intuition. Until you remember THIS as part of your very being and it’s just who you are and what you do. And you look down and recognize that you are a fearless being who embraces happiness as much as outrage or grief or compassion or courage.

Stay true to yourself. Stay true to what you believe in. Stay true to your soul.

You FEEL it all and still stand tall, walking forward into the wind. You experience all that life has to offer to you on your beautifully winding path back to your true and radiant self.

Remember Love, your true path always leads home.

xo – Kim

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