Whether or not you consider yourself to be intuitive, your soul actually speaks to you all the time through your intuition and only is waiting for you to listen…

Yes, your intuition is the gateway to your soul.

The more you follow your intuition, the stronger your relationship and the more connected you’ll be to the truth of who you are.

As a result of this soul connection, you’ll feel more:

  • Confident
  • Grounded
  • In flow
  • Purposeful
  • Focused
  • Joyful
  • Loved

Your soul connection matters!

And the more you actively consult with and listen to your intuition, the stronger your soul connection will be.

One of the ways your intuition might be communicating with you right now is through little nudges of attraction towards objects. 

You might find yourself being drawn to colors, images in artwork, nature and even clothing without knowing why. These can include things you wouldn’t “normally” be attracted towards. Or items with no “logical” purpose.

The more courage you have to follow your intuition even when it doesn’t seem logical, the more magical and fulfilling life can turn.

My Journey Through Color & Intuition…

When I was in my 20s and 30s, I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area and wore mostly black, navy, and gray. I like to think that this was not uncommon, especially back in the 90s.

Any clothing with prints or bright colors completely turned me off. Pink was absolutely a color I hated and I couldn’t imagine a world where I would willingly wear anything pink.

This was also a time in my life where my self-esteem was in the toilet. I considered myself a “failed” writer, was in a dead-end relationship, living in a studio apartment and I was too “shy” to speak to people or go to parties. (Actually, I’m still not a huge fan of parties!)

As I began to dive into the world of personal development, I hired a life coach. I told her “I’m not an intuitive person” like it was a fact. Done deal and game over.

It had become a story that I believed so much it became part of my identity.

Fortunately, my coach helped me prove to myself otherwise. 

Over the years, as I got more in touch with my own soul connection, I noticed that my “taste” in clothes began to shift. When out shopping, I found clothes I normally would have dismissed outright as oddly appealing. 

Even pink! It felt a little like a guilty pleasure the first time I tried on a pink graphic tank top with Joshua trees splashed across the front. It even felt a little naughty at the time.

Now I don’t hesitate to wear bright colors and bold prints…

My wardrobe is 180 degrees from where it was when I was younger. There is still a healthy amount of black t-shirts, but now I pair them with patterned skirts or brightly colored bike shorts. 

I see now that I was hiding for many years. And the clothes I wore, the way I decorated my house, the kind of artwork I hung on my walls, all reflected that. 

This was also that period of time when I felt completely disconnected from my intuition! Once I began to flex my intuitive muscles, I opened up to a new way of seeing myself.

So don’t be surprised if your tastes start to change as you dive deeper into your soul connection and follow your intuition.

It’s not a sign that you’re becoming a different person…

Rather, it’s a sign that you’re reflecting more of who you truly are.

Don’t judge yourself. Don’t try to justify everything. Release attachment to logic. 

And maybe just go with it.

Buy that mesmerizing amethyst crystal, painting, or underwear!

Take that pottery or painting class. 

Read more about astrology, meditation or spirit animals.

Listen to and follow those nudges. 

Allow yourself to show up and see what happens.

If you want support in nurturing your relationship with your intuition and soul connection, start your free membership in the Soul Connection Community!

Together we’ll help you connect with and lead from your soul, have the courage to follow your intuition and experience more peace, bravery and joy in life.

I love you so much!

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