Do you ever feel like you’re trapped or stuck in your comfort zone or just sort of sleepwalking through life, rarely shaking up your comfortable routine?

The Comfort Zone Trap…

It’s so easy to drop into routines and stay in your comfort zone. Although routines can be important in some situations, they can also be a trap that keeps you from growing, learning, shifting stuck energy or experiencing any kind of transformation you’d like to see in your life.

Many years ago I remember having an Aha moment as I started up my car in a strip mall parking lot. Suddenly I realized that I had no real recollection of the errands I had just run to the grocery store and the bank.

When I really focused on it, it felt as though I had been sleepwalking for the past 30 minutes. My life had become a Monday through Friday routine with very little variation from week to week or month to month.

Was that the way I wanted to live my life? Was that routine serving me?

Um, no thank you!

Try a Pattern Interrupt…

If you have been feeling the like you’re stuck in your comfort zone or even a routine or pattern…

Or maybe you seek change and transformation in your life,  recommend trying out some sort of pattern interrupt today to infuse new energy into your intentions and begin the expectation and experience of transformation in a physical way.

What can this look like?

  • Playing music or even just a song that you don’t normally listen to. Click here to check out one of my playlists on Spotify.
  • Burning a different type of incense, candle or diffusing an essential oil that you don’t normally reach for on a daily basis
  • Rearranging your space – try moving some furniture, artwork, rugs, plants, etc
  • Cooking or ordering a new dish. Maybe even trying a completely new cultural cuisine. Have you tried Korean food yet? It’s pretty awesome! For some recipes I love, check out The Korean Vegan.
  • Wearing a piece of clothing you’ve been “saving” for a special occasion. Or even getting creative with pieces your normally wear but have never worn together, like mixing patterns, accessories, or shoes. Basically, try something new with what you already have!
  • Taking a completely different route on your neighborhood walk, run or drive or move clockwise if you normally go counter-clockwise
  • Rebuilding, refreshing or creating an altar in your home where you can focus on your new intentions. Check out Pinterest for some lovely home altar ideas.

Explore, try new things, get in the habit of allowing new experiences to drop into your life, especially if you want to manifest something new!

I love you so much. See you soon!

With unconditional love,

Kim Nishida
Soul Leader at Soul Connection Community

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