Today’s reminder is all about trusting your own personal journey. Your soul experience will not look exactly like someone else’s. Not now, not ever!

Even though we’re all connected on an energetic level, you’re here to do your own work and share your wonderfully unique light and gifts with the world. 

Now is the time to remember the truth of who you are

We need the real you!

Not a watered down version. Or a version of you where you pretend with all of your might to be someone else.

Been there, done that! And it’s not a whole lot of fun.

Consider Releasing This…

Allow yourself to release attachment to comparison, competition, desires for cookie cutter solutions or magic pills and even the notion of getting something right or wrong.

What would life be like without comparison? Or self judgment?

When you trust your journey, you believe that you are being led and the more you drop into your intuition and listen to the guidance of your heart and soul, the more you’ll discover that what life has in store for you is miraculous and breathtaking. 

Yes, sometimes the journey is messy, challenging and utterly heartbreaking.

Experience everything. 

Feel your emotions. Express the energy that wants to flow through you in sadness, joy, frustration and even anger.

Stay curious. Learn and grow from every circumstance.

You are always being loved, guided and protected. Listen to the messages you receive.

Sending you so much love today! 

With unconditional love,

Kim Nishida
Soul Leader at Soul Connection Community

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