Setting your intentions and focusing on what you truly desire can be a very simple process:

  • Take a few deep, grounding breaths in a quiet place
  • Connect with your heart by either placing one or both hands on top of your heart and/or visualize breathing into and out of your heart.
  • Get clear on what you want in each area of your life by simply asking, “In this moment, without having to know any of the how/when/where/why, what do I truly desire in the area of Health and Well-Being?”
  • Release the urge to use logic or thinking. Allow your heart to answer.
  • Quiet any thoughts that creep in such as, “That’s not practical, responsible, possible”. Or “I’m being selfish, stupid, wasting my time” etc.
  • Write down your intentions for each area of your life and place them somewhere you can read and revisit them throughout your day, every single day
  • Write out a list of what you’re grateful for right now. What you appreciate, appreciates!
  • After you’ve journaled and written down your intentions and gratitude, move your body in an intentional way to get your energy flowing and pouring into what you want to manifest.

    Go for a walk, connect with nature, do some yoga, or simply stretch your body as you stand, sit or lie down

Ideal Times to Set Your Intentions…

Setting your intentions and revisiting your intentions can be done several times per year. You can use milestones in your life like your birthday or anniversaries (see more about this below).

Or you can set your intentions each month with the full moon. For more on the importance of honoring the cycles of the moon, read “Being Moved by Your New Moon Intentions”.

Also, you can use astrological significant times, such as the recent Lion’s Gate Portal that happens each year on August 8th. Considered not only a lucky day, this portal creates an extremely powerful moment in time for setting intentions and focusing on what you most want to manifest in your life. 

Here’s a bit more background on the significance of the Lion’s Gate Portal from

On this day, the Cosmos literally bursts with success-attracting energy…

For starters, the Star Sirius aligns with the Sun in Leo and is visible in all its glory.

Since ancient times, Sirius has been nicknamed the Spiritual Sun because it lights up our spirits and illuminates our dreams while Leo’s fiery energy has always been famous for its ability to attract everything it desires.

On top of this astrological magic, the number 8, which represents infinite wealth and abundance in numerology, is amplified because it appears twice.

The alignment of these events is a virtual explosion of Cosmic energy, making it one of the most potent moments of the year to turn your dreams into reality.

We Eloped on 8/8/08…

Despite not knowing anything about numerology or astrology at the time, my husband, Mark, and I chose to get married on August 8, 2008: 8/8/08!

Check out the one and only photo from our wedding. (We somewhat spontaneously eloped and got married outside of City Hall in San Diego. So many couples got married that day!)

Little did we know that August 8th is such an incredible day of potential, manifestation and transformation!

Now each year on our anniversary we sit down and look back on the past 12 months to celebrate what we have accomplished and experienced together.

We also consciously release any thoughts, feelings, or energies that are no longer serving us from the past as well as to set our intentions for the year ahead. 

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