The message today is to wake up to reclaim your true self.

Now is the time to remember who you really are. Perhaps this isn’t a new or unique message but it’s a message that hasn’t been believed or heeded in a way that lasts. Now it is time to turn up the volume. This message needs to be everywhere. It needs to be repeated until it is believed.

The truth seeks to get through to you now. 

This is what is most needed in the world and in the universe.

This is a time of true transformation. And it can be hard or it can be easy. It can be ugly and it can be beautiful. This is not a time to grip or hold onto the past or to ego or to labels or to ideas.

This is not a time of the mind or technology or even of thinking.

This is the time of dropping into your heart and your soul. It’s time to stop clinging to your ego and false sense of self. 

It’s time to release all fear.

It’s time to awaken to joy. 

This might not sound easy but it is what is right and what is needed. 

And you may not understand it or accept it right now. You might disbelieve. This is a lie. Or impossible. Or not for you. 

And that’s OK. 

But this message will keep getting delivered to you over and over and over again in so many different ways, formats, places, voices. You will continue to receive this message until you finally turn the corner and consider whether or not it might be true for you. 

Is this true for me?

Is it true?

What is true?

What is Truth?

What is YOUR truth?

What a delicious question! And well worth considering. Don’t you think?

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