Maybe in relative terms, your day doesn’t really rank as completely shitty. But you’re definitely feeling unmoored or unproductive or awkward as hell. Or sick and tired. Or heart broken. Or highly irritated. 

And maybe NOTHING is working today. 

And maybe you feel let down or set back or disappointed in yourself…in life…in others all around you. 

Or maybe your energy just feels blah. Meh

Maybe you feel like you’ve gotten knocked off kilter and you just can’t get back on track no matter what you do. 

Maybe you’re thinking, “I can’t believe I’m going through this shit yet again!”

What to do?

What do DO?

I don’t know. Maybe…nothing. 

Maybe ride it out. 

Or appreciate it for what it is. 

What’s the meaning here?

Why do you find yourself in this place once again?

An even better question is…why are you surprised to find yourself in the same place again?


It’s gonna happen. 

Setbacks are going to happen.

Old habits and patterns are going to snatch at you and, when you least expect it, carry you downstream completely beyond your control. 

And all you can do at first is notice. “Oh boy, here we go again!”

And that’s great!

Why ARE you here again? Isn’t that so interesting?

And are you really in the exact SAME place once again…or is it a slightly different flavor…familiar yet new. 

Maybe you’re on the same staircase but just one spiral higher. 

Maybe it’s all part of your evolution. 

And maybe you just need to learn the same damn lesson again…

Or is it just an old habit that’s come back like an old friend and something so simple and easy to shrug off and shoo away?

You look in the mirror and say, “That is who I used to be, the person who gets caught in that trap of self-doubt, insecurity, comparing myself to others, fearing rejection…all that bullshit. That’s who I thought I was for so many years. Of course it makes perfect sense that I should find myself here again! But that’s not who I am anymore. I’m simply not available for that. I’m moving on. So thank you very much, but no thanks.”

And then you remember who you really ARE. 

And you look for the lesson. 

And you thank it and steep yourself in gratitude, breathe into your heart and connect back to the real you. 

You realign yourself with your greatness. 

And you realize that all is right and well in this moment. 

You are safe and protected. 

And you breathe into your heart some more. 

And you feel better. 

And then without even trying, you find the perfect right action for you to take in this moment.

Clever girl!

Maybe that action is NO action. 

Maybe it’s to stop pushing. Stop planning. Stop controlling. 

Maybe it’s to practice self care instead of punishing yourself for having doubts. Maybe what you need is compassion, love, understanding, and acceptance from yourself. 

And maybe it’s to MOVE BEYOND the smoke screen of the ego and take massive fucking action. To not be swayed, stalled or stymied by fear, doubt, shame or guilt. 

To look into the mirror again and say, “That’s not who I am. THIS is who I am.”

And you take the bull by the horns and release procrastination, over-thinking, second-guessing, and just fucking take aligned action. 

Aligned with your soul. With what feels right in your body.

So very natural. 

And then you look around and notice, it’s a stupendous day. A technicolor day. 

And you are here to create your art. 

You’re here to do you. 

Wake up.

Show up. 


Remember, I see you. I hear you. You matter.



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